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Edwin G. Edgley is widely regarded as the founding father of the reserve study industry. He helped shape the development of CAI’s “Reserve Specialist” professional designation program – a program that most certified reserve specialists still use today.

In 1983, Edgley established Reserve Data Analysis, the very first reserve company in the United States. RDA was also the first to develop a self-contained reserve study software that integrates management, computations, and projections in one.

Today, RDA offers comprehensive reserve studies and consultations to a large variety of communities and organizations. We are committed to providing thoughtful and accurate long-term reserve planning and budgeting services. To date, we have prepared over 65,000 reserve studies and thousands of satisfied clients.

For the last 40 years, RDA has set the industry standard for reserve studies and will continue to do so for decades to come. There are many companies that claim to offer reserve studies, but there is only one RDA.

edwin edgley

Edwin G. Edgley

Founder of RDA