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Business Parks & Commercial Reserve Study

RDA makes business a breeze with our expert reserve study services.

Is a Business Park Reserve Study Necessary?

Business parks combine commercial, office, and retail spaces with professionally landscaped greenspaces and walkways. It’s no wonder that they’re so popular with tenants and workers. Just like any other property, though, these business parks can also deteriorate over time.



A business park reserve analysis can be a valuable tool for management and maintenance. It helps parks determine the level of funding they need to pay for the major repairs and replacements of the elements they are responsible for. This study includes an assessment of the park’s components and current funding balance, which are then used for business park capital planning.



A reserve study essentially lets you know how much money your reserves should have available at any given time. It also lays out a funding schedule that will help you reach the right funding level within a specified timeframe.

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The RDA Report

Reserve Data Analysis provides each client with an RDA report as part of our reserve study service.


Our report includes the following:


  • A comprehensive analysis of the client’s operating guidelines and the governing documents to determine the extent of the client’s maintenance and reserve obligations;

  • A detailed inventory of all assets that fall under the client’s responsibility (for on-site inspections);

  • Detailed reports for each asset;

  • A summary of assets by category;

  • Distribution of accumulated reserves report;

  • Required monthly contribution report; and,

  • Thirty-year projections.


We use localized cost guides as well as economic and investment parameters to generate all of our reports. All of our clients receive our undivided attention and dedication throughout the reporting process. We also offer our support and guidance throughout the entire year, so you can contact us for any questions you may have about long-term planning and budgeting.

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Levels of Service Available

Reserve Data Analysis offers four levels of service for business park reserve studies. All levels come with the following:


  • An evaluation of remaining life and replacement costs for all components;
  • A detailed RDA report with an owner’s summary, budgeting charts, precise measurements of structures, and pictures of every component;
  • Help with determining the right funding strategy for your business park;
  • A one-hour free consultation and Q&A with board members;
  • One free revision of your report; and,
  • Live support from our corporate office.

This level of service comes with a physical on-site walkthrough of your business park to determine the condition of your components and to take precise measurements.

This level of service comes with a physical on-site walkthrough of your business park to determine the condition of your components, but there are no measurements taken.

This level of service does not include a site visit or inspection but comes with a readjustment of your funding plan using your prior business park reserve fund study calculations to compensate for such things as inflation, price hikes on materials, investments, and yields on your investments.

This level of service does not include a site visit or inspection. Instead, you can save money and learn about your business park by conducting the inspection yourself. It includes a step-by-step guide through the collection process of components and measurements. Using the data you’ve collected, our corporate office compiles your measurements and validates your information to ensure no costly mistakes.

RDA Reserve Management Software

RDA’s self-made and self-contained software is a fully integrated management, computational, and projection tool. Our software allows for greater detail, more accurate projections, and more intricate computations without the limitation of a 20- to 30-year window.

Using this software, our report also comes with a 3D MODEL of your facilities with a detailed breakdown of square footage.

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